Monday, October 22, 2012

Calata Plans to Aid Farmers

Calata JosephIn running a business, there is hardly any way of foretelling what would happen to the company. It's a continuous cycle where any time it could just stop and go bankrupt which is why most businessmen do their best to avoid this by thinking of ways that would capture the hearts of potential customers and retain those that they already have.

Earlier this year, Calata Corporation captured the eyes of many traders as it showcased its company through a fashion show, a first in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). The company started off as a humble poultry feeds store owned by Eusebio Calata. After his son, Joseph Calata, graduated on 2001, he took over the company where it climbed slowly until it became stable. Now, Calata Corporation is known as the best performing Initial Public Offering in the stock exchange as well as the biggest distributor of agricultural products.

Currently, the company's 31-year-old CEO plans to extend their company's services to farmers, specifically rice and corn farmers, by means of a soil testing facility. This would help farmers find out which type of soil is present in their respective farms as well as choose the right kind of fertilizer for their soil type. This would surely help farmers since most of their money are wasted on the use of incompatible materials for farming, such as fertilizers.

This may be the first time that farmers would be exposed to such a facility. Some columnists suggests that Calata appears to be helping farmers get to know and use modern agricultural technology. The best part about this is that this service is absolutely free which, of course, would be a big help for farmers as it would help them save money by avoiding the use of fertilizers that would not help improve their harvests and avoid permanently damaging the environment.

The Calata Corporation started with an old school store and evolved to a big enterprise thanks to the idea of Joseph Calata to computerize their sales and accounting which is one of the factors that gave way to this success. It is safe to say that Calata wants others under the agriculture industry to be exposed to high-technology management. With this action by the young CEO, it does not only show that he tries to be a leader in the field of agriculture but be someone who puts his heart on being one for the benefit of others as well.

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