Monday, December 10, 2012

Joseph Calata: Support for Planned Reforms in the Capital Market

Earlier this year, Calata Corporation gained a market cap of 4B pesos due to their outstanding stock shares as soon as its board listed the firm in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). However, the stock shares were also the reason why the firm was rumored to have been under investigation because of price manipulation.

During the trading days of the corporation, their stocks had been undergoing a rollercoaster ride where the shares reached P24 per share but along the way declined to as low as 32 percent which alarmed the corporation’s CEO, Joseph Calata, who immediately called the Securities and Exchange Commission.

After a swift investigation of four months, SEC will proceed with the filing of criminal charges against the shareholders involved in the manipulation. SEC also cleared Calata Corporation claiming that the firm is not involved in the allegations.

The SEC worked quietly and did not involve those who should not be involved which can be the reason why they were able to finish the investigation quickly.

After the alleged probe of the corporation, Calata expressed his support for planned reforms in the capital market.

Such reforms are needed in order to protect the reputation of companies listing in the stock exchange and encourage more entrants into the capital market.
- Says Calata.

He also added that the SEC is now in a perfect position to put more reforms in place based on the lessons from the experience of Calata Corp.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Calata Plans to Aid Farmers

Calata JosephIn running a business, there is hardly any way of foretelling what would happen to the company. It's a continuous cycle where any time it could just stop and go bankrupt which is why most businessmen do their best to avoid this by thinking of ways that would capture the hearts of potential customers and retain those that they already have.

Earlier this year, Calata Corporation captured the eyes of many traders as it showcased its company through a fashion show, a first in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). The company started off as a humble poultry feeds store owned by Eusebio Calata. After his son, Joseph Calata, graduated on 2001, he took over the company where it climbed slowly until it became stable. Now, Calata Corporation is known as the best performing Initial Public Offering in the stock exchange as well as the biggest distributor of agricultural products.

Currently, the company's 31-year-old CEO plans to extend their company's services to farmers, specifically rice and corn farmers, by means of a soil testing facility. This would help farmers find out which type of soil is present in their respective farms as well as choose the right kind of fertilizer for their soil type. This would surely help farmers since most of their money are wasted on the use of incompatible materials for farming, such as fertilizers.

This may be the first time that farmers would be exposed to such a facility. Some columnists suggests that Calata appears to be helping farmers get to know and use modern agricultural technology. The best part about this is that this service is absolutely free which, of course, would be a big help for farmers as it would help them save money by avoiding the use of fertilizers that would not help improve their harvests and avoid permanently damaging the environment.

The Calata Corporation started with an old school store and evolved to a big enterprise thanks to the idea of Joseph Calata to computerize their sales and accounting which is one of the factors that gave way to this success. It is safe to say that Calata wants others under the agriculture industry to be exposed to high-technology management. With this action by the young CEO, it does not only show that he tries to be a leader in the field of agriculture but be someone who puts his heart on being one for the benefit of others as well.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Joseph Calata Claims that Calata Corporation is not Under Investigation

Joseph Calata girlfriend
Rumors, issues and scandals can be heard everywhere we go, especially when it comes to celebrities, politician, actors and any famous icon. They would be over the news; on social medias, radio and television.  The rumors themselves, however, are not the killer of reputation, but those who comments and spreads them with little knowledge about it in the first place. Most, if not all, celebrities would suffer with issues that would jeopardize their reputation, whether the issues are fake or not, eventually.

In the case of the young billionaire, Joseph Calata, his corporation is allegedly investigated due to rumors of stock manipulation. Eastern Samar Representative Ben Evardone was the one who made the appeal about the surprising movements in the shares of the company, which the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) answered at once.

The stock shares of the corporation reached P24 per share, which started from P7.50; this was the reason of the corporation's high peaked market cap of P4:3B. Although, at some point of the trading days, the company's share fell almost 26 percent (P5.65 each) and went down as much as 32 percent earlier in the session. These volatile stock swings led to the accusations of stock manipulation within the company.

According to Jose Fabella, Calata Corporation's Corporate Secretary, it was Joseph Calata, the corporation's chairman and president, himself who called and requested the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) to inspect the unusual movements of stocks. The young CEO confirmed this in an interview with ANC.

Joseph Calata asserts that his company is not under investigation as it is the shares and the shareholders that are involved in the said issue. He stated that what happens within the buying and selling in the trades by other shareholders is already beyond his control and if the company itself was under investigation, they would have been notified. Because of the price manipulation scandal, Calata admits that it affected some of the plans he had made for the company.

"Medyo nakaapekto siya, pero sana nga maintindihan ng mga tao na 'yung iniinvestigate ay 'yung mga trades and 'yung mga nag-trade ng Calata. [It (the scandal) affected the company, but I hope the people would understand that the ones being investigated are the trades and the traders of Calata]" says Calata in his ANC interview.

Scandals like this one should be dealt with carefully and the facts should be stated clearly. Those who are only spectators of controversial issues should make sure they have heard all the sides of the story before they comment or spread them. Although the price manipulation scandal can be confusing at the beginning, after Calata Corporation's board have said their piece, it goes to show that their company itself was not under investigation at all.

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Joseph Calata Featured His Flair for Fashion and Marketing

Handsome, smart and the youngest billionaire in the Philippines, Joseph Calata is any girl's ideal man. They say that he has a striking resemblance to Robert Pattinson, the actor who portrayed Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga, which is why he is sometimes cornered by fan girls for an autograph for being the said star's look-alike, and not for being a tycoon. He shows how dashing he is with his well-coiffed hairdo, three-piece suits and pointed designer shoes as he showcased his company through the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

Joseph Calata girlfriendWho would have thought that the trading hall of PSE could be a runway for fashion models? Nobody has seen that happen until May 23, when Calata Corporation began selling its shares to the public by means of a fashion show entitled "Agri-couture." It showed not only Joseph Calata's flair for fashion and marketing, but also how broad the young CEO thinks.

The total shares that were traded on the opening day were 1.675 million while shares valued were P95.12M. On May 23 alone, the company gained a market cap of P2.77 billion since the share totaled to a jaw-dropping 360.11M.

Robby Carmona directed "Agri-couture" which featured creations made of agricultural products, some of which is a strapless green gown in Pina-Jusi material by Paul Quiones with matching sleeves made in Capiz while the hablon material was created by Eric de los Santos.  Mitch Dulce made an abaca crown hat while a clutch bag made of bamboo, wood and leather was created by Aranaz and a bamboo neckpiece with crystals and tassels by Adante Leyesa.  Other fabulous creations were made by Carol Cuasay, John Herrera and Religioso.

The muse for the event was none other than the gorgeous Georgina Wilson who strutted on the runway with a tube serpetina gown in Pina-Jusi with crystal beads and embroidery by Frederick Peralta and a matching sleeveless barong by Gerry Katigbak.

Calata Corporation has been listed among the top 1000 corporations in the Philippines thanks to Joseph Calata's perseverance. The 31-year-old surely has more tricks up his sleeves in order to accomplish the objectives he has planned for his company.

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Joseph Calata Presents “Agri-Couture”

Joseph Calata girlfriend
Sporting a well-coiffed hairdo with three-piece suits and pointed designer shoes, Joseph "Josh" Calata shows that he does not only have flair for marketing, but also for fashion. He is said to bear a striking resemblance of Robert Pattinson, the actor who played Edward Cullen in Twilight. At times, he is cornered by fan girls for an autograph for being the Twilight star's look-alike and not for him being a tycoon.

On May 23, Calata Corporation began selling its shares to the public through the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Calata's board of directors was there and so were fashion models who strutted on the trading floor of PSE before the trading board.

"Agri-couture" is the first ever agricultural fashion show and the first for the PSE in terms of showcasing an IPO.  It was directed by Robby Carmona and featured clothing made of agricultural products which were designed by Frederick Peralta, Mich Dulce, Eric de los Santos, John Herrera, Paul Quinones, Gerry Katigbak, Carol Cuasay, Adante Leyesa, Aranaz and Religioso.

The beautiful Georgina Wilson was the muse for the event as she walked and posed on the "runway" wearing a tube serpetina gown in Pina-Jusi with crystal beads and embroidery by Frederick Peralta and a matching sleeveless barong by Gerry Katigbak.

Calata sold 10% of the company with P7.70 per share. The total shares that were traded on the opening day was 1.675 million as shares valued were at P95.12M. Calata Corporation gained an astounding share of 360.11M, giving the company a market cap of P2.77 billion on May 23 alone.

Among the fabulous creations included in the fashion show is a strapless green gown in Pina-Jusi material by Paul Quiones with matching sleeves that were made in Capiz while the hablon material was by Eric de los Santos. There was also an abaca crown hat by Mitch Dulce, a clutch bag made of bamboo, wood and leather by Aranaz and a bamboo neckpiece with crystals and vintage tassels by Adante Leyesa.

Joseph Calata has been responsible for bringing Calata Corporation among the top 1000 corporations in the Philippines and with unique and fresh ideas like this one, the company is sure to climb high peaks in the future.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Joseph Calata on Investing in Agriculture

After prospering his business, Joseph Calata, one of the youngest entrepreneurs, already made a big name in his industry at 30 years old. The million-peso revenue worth industry started out as a small industry of feeds, fertilizers, and agricultural products distribution in Plaridel, Bulacan.

Climbing to the top was never easy for this young millionaire as he worked his way up a step at a time. In 2001, he joined the family business which was then named J. Melvin, as a clerk. He took over the highest post in the company after proving that he deserves the post. The successful entrepreneur, owing it to his background in financial management, decided to increase the distribution of goods to Central Luzon and Pangasinan.

Joseph Calata thought of integrating technology and research in agriculture, and led the company to a higher level. Before the company's revenues rose to P1.6 billion in 2008, it has already grown to P806 million and P1.08 billion by 2007. He was pronounced the country's youngest CEO in 2009, after the company reached P1.8 billion revenues, which was featured in BizNews Asia and Business World's Top 1000 Corporations. High-efficiency poultry farming, private airplane leasing, and trucking are the other industries ventured by the corporation. At present, it employs 200 workers.

joseph calata

The empowerment of the agricultural sector, according to him, in an interview with People Asia Magazine in March 2011, is a good investment. "While it may not be the most alluring of sectors for businessmen, I believe agriculture holds great potential to boost the Philippine economy," he said, who has always shown enthusiasm in every venture he makes for the development of agricultural sector of the Philippines.

The seemingly smooth-sailing life and business of Joseph Calata went on the rocks after controversies following his appointment at a government post. Controversies came after critics pointed out his incompetency for the position. Controversies ended after he was relieved from the post during President Benigno Aquino III's presidency.

niƱa jose boyfriend

Joseph Calata has always been an advocate of boosting the Philippine economy through investing on the agricultural sector.
-Alison Ward

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