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Joseph Calata on Investing in Agriculture

After prospering his business, Joseph Calata, one of the youngest entrepreneurs, already made a big name in his industry at 30 years old. The million-peso revenue worth industry started out as a small industry of feeds, fertilizers, and agricultural products distribution in Plaridel, Bulacan.

Climbing to the top was never easy for this young millionaire as he worked his way up a step at a time. In 2001, he joined the family business which was then named J. Melvin, as a clerk. He took over the highest post in the company after proving that he deserves the post. The successful entrepreneur, owing it to his background in financial management, decided to increase the distribution of goods to Central Luzon and Pangasinan.

Joseph Calata thought of integrating technology and research in agriculture, and led the company to a higher level. Before the company's revenues rose to P1.6 billion in 2008, it has already grown to P806 million and P1.08 billion by 2007. He was pronounced the country's youngest CEO in 2009, after the company reached P1.8 billion revenues, which was featured in BizNews Asia and Business World's Top 1000 Corporations. High-efficiency poultry farming, private airplane leasing, and trucking are the other industries ventured by the corporation. At present, it employs 200 workers.

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The empowerment of the agricultural sector, according to him, in an interview with People Asia Magazine in March 2011, is a good investment. "While it may not be the most alluring of sectors for businessmen, I believe agriculture holds great potential to boost the Philippine economy," he said, who has always shown enthusiasm in every venture he makes for the development of agricultural sector of the Philippines.

The seemingly smooth-sailing life and business of Joseph Calata went on the rocks after controversies following his appointment at a government post. Controversies came after critics pointed out his incompetency for the position. Controversies ended after he was relieved from the post during President Benigno Aquino III's presidency.

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Joseph Calata has always been an advocate of boosting the Philippine economy through investing on the agricultural sector.
-Alison Ward

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