Thursday, September 20, 2012

Joseph Calata Presents “Agri-Couture”

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Sporting a well-coiffed hairdo with three-piece suits and pointed designer shoes, Joseph "Josh" Calata shows that he does not only have flair for marketing, but also for fashion. He is said to bear a striking resemblance of Robert Pattinson, the actor who played Edward Cullen in Twilight. At times, he is cornered by fan girls for an autograph for being the Twilight star's look-alike and not for him being a tycoon.

On May 23, Calata Corporation began selling its shares to the public through the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Calata's board of directors was there and so were fashion models who strutted on the trading floor of PSE before the trading board.

"Agri-couture" is the first ever agricultural fashion show and the first for the PSE in terms of showcasing an IPO.  It was directed by Robby Carmona and featured clothing made of agricultural products which were designed by Frederick Peralta, Mich Dulce, Eric de los Santos, John Herrera, Paul Quinones, Gerry Katigbak, Carol Cuasay, Adante Leyesa, Aranaz and Religioso.

The beautiful Georgina Wilson was the muse for the event as she walked and posed on the "runway" wearing a tube serpetina gown in Pina-Jusi with crystal beads and embroidery by Frederick Peralta and a matching sleeveless barong by Gerry Katigbak.

Calata sold 10% of the company with P7.70 per share. The total shares that were traded on the opening day was 1.675 million as shares valued were at P95.12M. Calata Corporation gained an astounding share of 360.11M, giving the company a market cap of P2.77 billion on May 23 alone.

Among the fabulous creations included in the fashion show is a strapless green gown in Pina-Jusi material by Paul Quiones with matching sleeves that were made in Capiz while the hablon material was by Eric de los Santos. There was also an abaca crown hat by Mitch Dulce, a clutch bag made of bamboo, wood and leather by Aranaz and a bamboo neckpiece with crystals and vintage tassels by Adante Leyesa.

Joseph Calata has been responsible for bringing Calata Corporation among the top 1000 corporations in the Philippines and with unique and fresh ideas like this one, the company is sure to climb high peaks in the future.

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